Eliminate The Guesswork

Freight incidents can take hours, days, or even months to resolve. Eliminate the guesswork on what and when things need to get accomplished in order to resolve your OS&Ds and Freight Claims. Collaborate and share with internal and external stakeholders under one centralized platform.

Our Features

Collaborate With Ease

Share, communicate, and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in real time under a connected cloud-based network.

End-To-End Visibility

See everything under one centralized location. Track the progress of every incident and receive insights to mitigate future ones.

Do More with Less

No more paper and pen. No more excel spreadsheets. Digitize and manage your freight incidents at scale for a more efficient and effective business.

For everyone

Our platform was created to benefit every member of the supply chain and logistics ecosystem. Are you a Shipper? Logistics Provider? Carrier? Sign up today and take control of your freight incidents.


Who We Are

Claimmunity was created by industry professionals for industry professionals. Our cofounders come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, Freight Brokerage, Transportation Management Systems, Software Architecture and Development. Our mission is to empower Shippers, Logistics Service Providers, and Carriers with modern day tools to evaluate risk, mitigate loss, improve operational efficiency, and retain profits.